FORXTREME             OUTDOOR             WEB-DESIGN             2022

Design for a distribution company that specializes in outdoor
Forxtreme is a distribution company that specializes in outdoor. Company help brands grow for 12 years. They firmly believe that a man and nature are two parts existing in harmony to each other. And to enjoy nature and outside activities to the fullest everyone needs the right clothing and equipment. 

But their brand design wasn’t working for them and wasn’t reflecting who they wanted to be as a company. I worked with the Forxtreme team and developed their tonal brand identity and website design. Therefore, it was important for company to have a good and modern image website. We aimed to make sure that their identity stood out among the rest with bright accents on CTA, inspiring photographys with their brands products and projects, and real moments that capture being outdoor.

This website that has home page and 4 sub pages: our brands, our categories, other projects and contact. Home page contans info about company, about brands (shortly), about team of the company, other projects (shortly) and contact us with interactive map of countries where the company is represented

Design Strategy
To create a unique and recognizable style, it was decided to combine illustrations (sketches) with bright photos of brand products and projects, and complement them with bright accent elements (green and dark blue colors). All these elements in place allow you to create a certain authenticity of the brand, which is both simple and natural, but at the same time slightly careless, like a brush stroke on paper.
Mobile Version
Most of the company's clients are active users of mobile devices, and therefore it was decided to also focus on the adaptive version of the site.

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