SENKO PROFESSIONAL         STORE          2022
Online store for nail brand Senko

Senko is an Italian brand of materials and equipment for nail technicians operating throughout Europe. For 5 years of work in the market of the nail industry, the creator of the brand managed to achieve a calling and awards, as well as open her own school for training masters.

The task of the project was to unite the store with the brand's products, as well as to tell new customers about the brand and the opportunities that are provided for students and partners as much as possible.

Requests: a dark site with bright accents and interesting details, an unusual font

SENKO PROFESSIONAL         STORE          2022

It was decided to emphasize the luxury of the brand with a dark background and a neat but calligraphic font. 

For recognition, a photo of the creator of the brand was used, and for graphic elements, an ash gradient that intersects with the logo. 

The brightly colored buttons grab the visitor's attention, and the simple shape keeps the user on their toes.

Special attention was paid to the mobile version of the site, since the main audience comes from Instagram

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