Landing page for Data Analytics programme 

Curious IQ strives to develop untapped talent and unlock the potential of underprivileged people to prepare them for the job market of the future. 

CuriousIQ’s Data Analytics programme is designed for students with a strong interest in Analytics and would like to advance their knowledge with hands-on experience using the latest technologies in the world of data. Completing this course will provide you with the necessary tools to solve the most common problems faced by any organisation through analysing their data. You will be able to uncover patterns in the data, understand and build KPIs, perform Ad-Hoc analytics and understand how to build Dashboards and Reports that the C-level wants to look into. Ultimately you will compete for jobs in the data analytics space which will help you advance your career.

Landing page for Data Analytics programme 

The main task was to convey information to the potential audience in the most memorable way. Using the website to form a sustainable perception of the company's brand in order to implement the chain: website visitor → school client → regular school client.

Also, the site can be used by people who have remained in a difficult situation due to covid-19, difficult situatian on their motherland, and the site has a social significance and provides an opportunity to get a profession.

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